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I’ve skeptically used cloth nappies off and on with my 6 month old, never having much luck with leaking if she wore them for more than a couple of hours and over night was just a disaster!
Little Fern has completely changed this for me!
These are amazing in design, my girl wets heavily over night and these do an amazing job and last the whole night!
I am very impressed and happy to continue my cloth nappy journey with such an amazing brand!
Thank you Little Fern Family 😍😍😍            

I absolutely love the new Paua Pads from Little Fern, they have the softest top of any pad I have tried and are both slim and comfortable to wear day and night. The feel of these pads are quality and they are super durable, and also very affordably priced. Highly recommended by me!

Great quality modern cloth nappies, using natural absorbent materials. Ditching disposable nappies is a brilliant way to do your bit for the environment, and these pretty prints from Little Fern Nappies make the switch all the more fun!

I absolutely love my little fern nappies, I have a few from the collection and I love every one. The flexi fit is amazing for layering up and using as a night nappy, but also just as good for day time use! There are some really gorgeous prints to choose from too.

The customer service and help is amazing too, which is always a nice added bonus!

Really great quality nappies, quick drying all in one option that’s slim fitting and has plenty of room to boost. Lovely prints as well!

Tried the FlexFern on my flooding preschooler and no leaks! So many of my usual night go-tos have failed, so I was deeply impressed. Great combo of natural fibres and the double gusset wrap is great! The Flexi makes a great day nappy with its integral absorbency and snap-in booster, but the night time pocket insert lifts it into the big leagues.
Well done!
This is also a great option if you’re not keen on 2 parters.

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