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Eco Friendly Parenting

Updated: Jun 18, 2023

We all know eco-friendly cloth nappies are a great way to protect the environment but what else can we do?

Go Outside and Walk

Spending time outside is fantastic for your own health and wellbeing as well as being energy efficient - you won't be tempted to use gadgets or put the TV on!

Walking keeps you fit and gives you time and space to think. It saves you money on fuel and is better for the planet. Your baby can watch the world go by or catch up on some sleep in the pushchair.

Buy Used Where Possible

We shouldn't be giving this secret away but as our nappies are designed to last they can be passed on or resold. Second hand clothing, equipment and furniture not only saves the environment from manufacturing processes but also prevents it taking up space in landfill. Not to mention the money saved compared to buying new!

Please not that it is not recommended to re use car seats or baby mattresses.


Babies don't get too grubby so don't need bathing every day. To save water you could bath your baby once or twice a week or even wash them in the shower with you. The skin to skin and bonding is a great bonus!

Feeding your Baby

Breastfeeding is the most eco friendly way to feed your baby - no carbon footprint, no packaging and no manufacturing impact. If you use formula you can look out for recyclable packaging and brands with lower carbon footprints. Glass bottles are an eco friendly alternative to plastic and can be recycled.


Wash full loads where you can. Even babies can wear clothes twice if they're not dirty! Drying laundry outside is the most eco friendly way it can be done and you can't beat that fresh air smell.

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