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The Little Fern Snap-in Bamboo booster is made with a blend of bamboo and cotton and topped with our super soft fleece lining.


Two snaps in the back attach the insert easily into our Flexi Fern or Fern Fit nappy.

Snap-in Bamboo booster

  • We recommend washing boosters with nappies every 2-3 days 

    Run a cold rinse cycle with all the used nappies before washing.  A short wash cycle is fine for this if your machine doesn't have a rinse or if the rinse cycle is not effective.  No washing powder is necessary when rinsing.

    Wash nappies on a long cycle using washing powder (not liquid or liquitabs) at 40 degrees.  Little Fern nappies can be washed occasionally at 60.  However, please be aware that frequent washing at higher temperatures can shorten the life of your nappies.

    Hang nappies and boosters to dry.  Drying outside is best if possible to keep nappies smelling fresh and clean.

    Boosters can be tumble dried on low occasionally but please be aware this can cause them to shrink.

  • Lining 100% polyester

    Core 70% bamboo, 30% cotton

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